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Below are some common questions associated with Mobile Dead. Over time we'll expand this section and provide further detail. If you have any additional questions/comments feel free to email

What is Mobile Dead?
Mobile Dead is a multiplayer location based game which runs on your cell phone. You join the game and are placed at your real-world location on a map. You can then interact with other players that are nearby. You will see them on the map as well at their own locations.

How is the game played?
After joining, you will see virtual items placed around your real-world location. You can begin picking them up, and they will be stored in your user inventory. You can then use the items to replenish your health, or to attack other users. Items have a wide range of effects on game play. You can also take the item and drop it in a difficult area for other users to pick up. Building a friend network is also possible, allowing you to chat, trade items, and plan attacks on other zombies. New weapons and items appear on the map daily.

What phones are supported?
Currently we support BlackBerry devices, and will soon release a version for Android and iPhone. Visit or from your Blackberry to install the game.

How is my real-world location managed with respect to other players?
Other players will be able to see your location on a map, just as you will be able to see theirs. Mobile Dead is designed to seamlessly transition into a background passive mode when you're not using your phone. If the phone goes idle for an extended period of time, you will automatically be placed into a Sleep Mode where your location will not be displayed to other users.

How much does the game cost?
The game is free.

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Mobile Dead is a location based game created by Perk Mobile Inc..

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